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ohheyitshannah ([personal profile] ohheyitshannah) wrote2012-02-15 04:46 pm

Everything Normal

She is nothing special
Just a normal girl
One in a billion
In her own unruly world
But everything is off balance
Nothing here is right
Something is haunting our young friend on this cold, unholy night

Wondering about the future
Thinking about the past
Hoping that love will conquer
When nothing else can last

Her world is an old book
That no one cares to read
Closed to the rest of the world
Where secrets never bleed

People can see her cover
Her dust jacket gleaming
She keeps it this way
So no one will know what her own eyes are seeing
She cries herself to sleep every night
Telling herself that everything will be alright

I only wish that more people could see
That this girl needs help
And she's really just